Thursday, December 27, 2012

Cupcake Topper

Hi hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.  I know I did.  This idea came to me because it seems everyone is into cupcakes these days, so now you can make your own toppers so easily with Amazing Mold Putty.  Above are parts 1 and 2 plus blue dye for the clear cast resin.

 Here I am adding blue dye to parts 1 and 2 which has been mixed according to package directions.  

The dye has been added, try to be sparing with the dye as it is intense.  I will stir this until evenly mixed.

 As you can see the mixture is uniform in color and ready to pour.

This is the mold and antique glass fixture will be what I use for the topper.

Here I am pouring the Clear Cast Resin into the Amazing Mold Putty mold.

As you can see I have accidentally overfilled.  Not to worry, when it's dried you can trim off the excess.  The  casted item will pop right out.

The two cupcakes are ready for their toppers.

Cupcakes!!!!  Silver edible glitter on this one, plus a sprig of flowers.

Another mold, red this time for the season.

Second cupcake complete, ready to eat.  Have a great New Year, see you next month.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Spooky Head Mold

Hi everyone and Happy Halloween. I am so glad to be on this Design Team and share my very first post. I thought something spooky was in order. I do love using the putty and
incorporating it into a collage. Edgar A. Poe is probably the father of the American suspense and horror literature. I so enjoy using real life people in my work, and it was a natural choice for me to select Poe. Let's begin: Take equal amounts part A and B putty, knead them together until color is uniform throughout the mixture.

These are the large jars of putty, and boy am I glad to have them for this project, because it was large and reguired quite a bit. Amazing Mold Putty is also sold in smaller amounts, but there are so many great projects one can do, large is best.

This is an antique doll head primed and ready to use for another project. I thought it would make a great mold. It does have some crackles (adds character, don't you think?).

This is the mold, cured, ready to use.

I inserted Sculpey into the mold ensuring not to press too hard around the features of the face. I did once and trust me your work will look like Porky Pig. Gentle touches are best, be sure that the clay is conditioned fully before use.

This is the finished clay, removed from the mold, baked, a faithful likeness of the original despite the macabre touches I added, "red to represent red death" and a touch of gold and black on the cheeks and lips.

This is the canvas prepared by painting, stenciling,and general altering with paint and ink.

Assorted ephemera, all copies of originals from a mini bio. of Mr. Poe. Some of it is written in his own hand. Letters spelling "mask" are also seen.

This is the finished piece. The 3-D mold adds so much to the interest of the art. Mold putty is a wonderful addition to your art supply closet. Versatile, easy to use, inspires creativity, are all apt descriptions of ths fine product. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you join us regularly. Comments are appreciated. Have a great Thanksgiving and spooky Halloween. Joyce

Friday, September 21, 2012

My Elepunk 
This litle guy and his wagon were so much fun to make.  The elepunk is fashioned fron a child's air dry clay.  He is "jointed with gears", has a monacle of a gear also.  His hat is made from  chipboard ,felt and trimmed in autumnal splendor..  The paper mache top hat was painted black, with plaid ribbon added.  Tim Holtz pulley wheels make the hat a wagon, Tim's gear die cuts are distressed in metallic paint, secured to hat by wires.  We, as artists, take our inspiration from many things, nature , the weather, tv, other artists.  My inspiration for this project  was my always- there-for-me BFF, Barbara, and Nicole E.  Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the beginning of a glorious fall.  Enjoy the other fabulous artists in the hop.

Happy Hauntings Playground entry for Graphic 45

Here is my entry for the autumn Graphic 45 contest.  The playground is made of a Bundt pan covered in moss and sunflower paper.  Around the base is a spooky fence and wooden pumpkins paper-pieced.  Over the "hillside" are children tumbling in the fall sun.  They have been re-enforced
with chipboard.  Here and there on the grass you will see little sunflower blossoms, blinged in the center.  My favorite constuction is the tree made of "twig wire",.  Autumnal leaves are adorning it,
but almost gone   Hope you enjoy my offering, thanks for dropping by.
You can see my project as well as many other wonderful projects by clicking on the site below.  I would of course love your vote.  Thanks again.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Amazing Art Putty Design Team Call Submission

This photo depicts one side of the paper mache box, as you can see the mold of a fancy button is replicated beautifully and a wonderful accessory to the art nouveau feel.  The putty detaches easily from this intricate embellishment.

This is one of 2 duplicate sides of the piece, giving the viewer a look at the dimensional quality of the mold.  Amazing Art putty is an essential tool for those of us who do not want to use that precious button or costume jewelry of our loved ones. I added a steampunk cutout and gears to complete the

This is another of the 2 duplicate sides.  Again I used a art nouveau broach and molded a faithful likeness.  I am using polymer clay in the Amazing Art putty.

Here is probably the most dramatic picture of the detail one can obtain with Amazing Art putty. This button was covered with bumps and ridges.  Yet the putty captured each and every one.  This a view from the top of the box.
I made a error in entering this design team challenge.  I actually made 3 projects but could only choose one.  In one design, I crafted a hot air balloon and poured resin, stamped, colored and added it to a homecrafted book.  The opaque resin poured beautifully and the embellisment looks great!
To give a nod to other items used:
Paper mache box from JoAnnes
Graphic 45 Steampunk Debutante paper
German foil fancy edging
Glossy Accents Glue
E-6000 Glue
Tim Holtz Distress Ink
Inka Copper
Amazing Mold putty

Friday, August 17, 2012


Presenting the artistes de spoon...

I was so excited to be asked to participate in this anniversary bloghop.  Thank you! 
Since birds are so "in" now they seemed like a good subject.  I used 3 dollar store spoons
as a base, modeling paste to fluff out their little chests.  I am definitley not a nature painter, so the birdies are from the perspective of an altered artist.  I saw the words' robin' in this sheet of music, so, robins they were.  The heads are polymer clay, eyes are floral pins painted black.  The beaks are skewers dyed orange.  The little feet are Easter chicks, (sadly 3 of my children's chicks are footless.) I found a dead branch and posed the birdies on the twigs.  I thought since there was a trio of birds they may as well be a singing group so they were dubbed "The Lovin' Spoonfull."  Please visit all the other talented artists appearing in this hop!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Compendium of Curiosities 2, Challenge 17



I do love anything royal, kings, queens, crowns, the whole regent thing.  In this week's challenge we were to uase Creative Co-ordinations Papers that I love.  I must not fail to thank Simon Says Stamp! and Studio L3 for sponsoring this challenge.   Although the picture does not do it justice the embossing folder I chose, after applying T!m's techniques looks like watered silk.  The turquoise and blue green look great together.  I used A lace On the Edge die as well as the old script one.  I also used T!m's crowns, Prima button and Robin's Nest Dewdrops.  You will also see Movers and Shapers dies used.  This was too much fun!!


Compendium of Curiosities 2, Challenge 16

School Days


Even though I missed the deadline for this post due to other art commitments I wanted to say I am continuing the challenge.  I enjoyed selecting the colors to use from Tim Holtz's  vast array of embossing folders as well as all the colors in the Perfect Pearls set.  This Graphic 45 pic is such a sweet one of school days of yesteryear.  I spent extra time on the matting to offset the image.  I think the alphabet folder is just perfect.  I used 2 colors of Co-ordinations papers to make the alphabet.  The old watch is set on 12 p.m. as in "A diller , a dollar a 12 o'clock scholar".   I also added some of T!m's ephemera and an very old milk cap.  Hope you enjoy.  See you next week.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

leslie-rahye's Fairyland Blog Hop

Hello Blogger Friends. Thank you for stopping by the Hop, Fairyland that is.  This was a great pleasure for me to be invited to participate in this event.  I have always had a love for all things" fairy".  I started keeping a file of these wee folk as a child.  Still have and use it.  We are glad you will enjoy spending time with us and the "fey".   The base of my diaorama is a metal tile from Hobby Lobby, painted ecru.  I then added styrofoam and sheet moss, pinned it in place.  To accent the moss I included a scrapbook piece of log slices painted with Copics.

As you can see This is the base without the central piece. The small fairies are perched on a wooden spool cut in half, painted Halo Rose Gold, and trimmed in German tinsel painted the same color.

The large central piece was lots of fun to design.  I used a large ribbon spool, increased the thickess of top and bottom with chipboard. I then covered it with Graphic 45 Springtime paper, trimmed the base with Prima flowers and antique millinary flowers.  I thought the stem looked a little bare so I pulled out my stash of beads then added some bling.  Here and there you may see a dragonfly or butterfly peeking out.  The fairy dancing on top is a autumn flower fairy.  Again thanks so much to you for dropping by, and a big thanks to our hostess Leslie for hosting. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Compendium of Curiosities 2, Challenge 15


Thanks again to  Studio L3 for facilitating this challenge.  I really liked this pic of the Navy plane I picked up at a antique store, just knew that someday I could use it with some of T!M's stuff since he loves the travel motif so much.  The riveted embossing folder is certainly a good background for anything metallic, masculine or steampunk.  I used an expresso brown acrylic  to highlight.  The rubber stamps are also from T!m Holtz as well as the map and soar ticket. A little tip I found out and will share, alcohol ink will remove the color from german tinsel.  This tinsel was originally red.  ai painted it with ginger ink and presto..... no more red.... a mahogany brown.  A little chemestry lesson for me.  Do  love, love  this technique, has sooo many possibilities.  Hope you too will "soar"  with creativity.  Til next week.   Joyce

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Compendium of Curiosities 2, Challenge 14


I had lots of fun with this challenge and made lots of pretty paper in different projects in the future so a thank you to Studio L3  and  The Funkie Junkie Boutique for facilitating and sponsoring this challenge.  I had this galvanized tin about for some time, just got these pics from my middle daughter and decided I'd use it.  The tin is painted buttermilk acrylic, distressed, inked with Bundled Sage and Vintage Photo.  I used the glassine behind the Rosie letters, and die cut flowers from it to place in the tins.  I used T!m's rose button, tickets, (since this was a ticketed event for homeless dogs in Chicago). I alcohol inked the L brackets at the corners with Meadow, Used a word band about love at the bottom.  Tim Holtz's Compendium of Curiousities is such a great book that every mixed media artist should have.  See you next week.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Compendium of Curiosities 2, Challenge 13

Liberty Calling

           This week's thanks go to Studio L3 and  Simon Says Stamp for helping and sponsoring this challenge.  For some reason I didn't have the best luck with spritz and flick but I did the best I could.
As always I enjoy creating no matter what and it is certainly a learning process.  I wanted to use these little mover's and shapers for a long time so here was my chance. I also used copper tape, T!m's stamp and map ephemera as well as some Graphic 45 stuff.  I think this Lady Liberty is way cool and have used her a number of times. Thought a pretty heavy gauge wire coiled would mimic the phone cord.  The rosette sort of balanced the tag.  Any way stay cool in this awful heat and keep making art!!  See you next week.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Heart in Hands

I am so excited to share this with you.  It is my very first non-challenge post. I took my inspiration from the oh- so- talented Linda Warlyn.  She is awesome.  I had wanted a artist model hand for a long time and found one at Dick Blick.  The foundation pieces are just various sizes boxes covered in 
T!m's  tissue paper and distressed with Old Paper.  The hand is base-coated in cream acrylic
paint.  The element that took sooo long was the heart.  I am not too swift at sewing and so it took up a large chunk of time sewing the vintage buttons around it.  The hand is also crackled and inked with Vintage Photo.  I found some floral decoupage black and whites, tinted them with Gelatos.  The heart wanted to float around so I had to secure it to the palm with PVC glue.  As a final step I added the little rose the letters from Ideaology, and the silk ribbon from my stash.  I might also mention the little girl from Paper Whimsey printed on Extravaganza, secured to a fragment of doily.
Thanks for stopping by.

Compendium of Curiosities Challenge 11, 12

Christmas in July

O.k, I know it's a mite early to be thinking about Christmas but I believe in wishful thinking.  It is my favorite time of the year, plus I am not a fan of summer at all.  What can you say about a configurations box?  Went through my stash, including T!ms's stuff came up with this holiday version.  I did enjoy desigining it very much . Thanks go out to Studio L3 and the The Funkie Junkie's Boutique as well as Mario for the goodies.  Have a great week now I can go and ooh and ahh over your artwork as I look at it.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Compendium of Curiosities, Challenge 10: Tissue Wrap Flowers

My Lady's Dress

Our thanks this week go to The Funkie Junkie Boutique and Studio L3 for sponsoring and and mentoring this challenge.  Though I sometimes forget we are ever grateful to T!m Holtz for his inspirations.  I am not a card maker love 3-D.  I ordered a dress form made of wire, glittered for some pizazz, tulle woven through.  I added the tissue flowers tinted with green and orange Distress Inks.
Kind of a fun piece to put on your dressing table.  In my case I am giving mine to my granddaughter who was a help in tinting 18 of these little jewels.  Have a great week, going to look up your lovely pieces.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Compendium of Curiosities 2, Challenge 9: Pocket Watch

White Pearls

 I would like to thank Studio L3 and Simon Says  for moderating and sponsoring this week's challenge. I really enjoyed creating this.  I used one of Wendy V.'s surface pieces to give the illusion of a watch in a watch.  Tim Holtz's Compendium of Curiosities 2 is a great source of inspiration each week.  I also found pleasing pieces in my stash of Graphic 45 paper.  Have a great week.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Compendium of Curosities, Challenge 8: Repurposed Packaging

Journey to the Center of the Mind

 Thank you Linda, from Studio L3 for sponsoring this fun challenge.  I had always wanted to use the Retro paper for T!m, so I finally got a chance. Most of you are too young to remember the old black and white movie  "Snakepit", about a young woman becomes psychotic and then struggles back to sanity.  It's a great flick and was my inspiration for this tag. Coupled with the old song "Journey to the Center of the Mind", a head stamp, Retro paper, T!m's journey token, as well as a matching embossing folder, our weekly challange, and voila, a tag.  I have been keeping this heavy plastic for quite a while, so happily another cool use for it!  Hope your week is going well, Happy Art Adventure!
Joyce at BlytheSpiritStudio

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Compendium of Curiosities, Challenge 7: Brushless Watercolor


I would like to start out by thanking Studio L3  for hosting and  eclectic Paperie for sponsoring this challenge.  This challenge was fun, fun!  Who knew I could watercolor?  I was a bit apprenhensive about this technique on canvas but it was just as easy as on paper.  Although you can't see it (my camera needs updating) I used a pale blue Tattered Angels background amd T!m's small swirl masks. I stamped the portal on watercolor paper in Walnut Stain, cut it out. I then applied mica under and on top of the Paper Whimsey image.  Oh, I had stamped wild flowers from one of T!m's sets also in Walnut Stain.  To finish I added a Word Band and Locket Key and a bit of T!m ribbon stained to match.  I liked using the tulle because I thought it gave a etheral look.  I l enjoy anythig I can find to achieve this. Hope the rest of your week goes well, I'v got to delve into some deep housekeeping duties, yuk.
Till next week,

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Compendium of Curiosities 2, Challenge 6

Buttons and Birds

Before I forget I would like to thank Studio L3 and the  The Funkie Junkie Boutique
for sponsoring this challenge.  I was remiss in this last week.  Anyway, I found this challenge, well,
challenging and can tell I need more practice.  This was an oversized tag that I intend to include in a book on winged things.  I tried for a 3D look under the tissue by using Stickles and additional grungeboard under the cage and the B. This of course doesn't show up in the photo. My color of dauber was Lettuce and my Distress colors were sapphire, lilac, Peeled Paint, and Snowcap.
I have used this bird stamp set by Oxford Impressions a lot because I love the birdies. T!m's buttons were perfect as an addition, also love those Chit-Chat words. O.K., I guess thats it, loved looking at all your creative art work.  Until next week.