Thursday, November 8, 2012

Spooky Head Mold

Hi everyone and Happy Halloween. I am so glad to be on this Design Team and share my very first post. I thought something spooky was in order. I do love using the putty and
incorporating it into a collage. Edgar A. Poe is probably the father of the American suspense and horror literature. I so enjoy using real life people in my work, and it was a natural choice for me to select Poe. Let's begin: Take equal amounts part A and B putty, knead them together until color is uniform throughout the mixture.

These are the large jars of putty, and boy am I glad to have them for this project, because it was large and reguired quite a bit. Amazing Mold Putty is also sold in smaller amounts, but there are so many great projects one can do, large is best.

This is an antique doll head primed and ready to use for another project. I thought it would make a great mold. It does have some crackles (adds character, don't you think?).

This is the mold, cured, ready to use.

I inserted Sculpey into the mold ensuring not to press too hard around the features of the face. I did once and trust me your work will look like Porky Pig. Gentle touches are best, be sure that the clay is conditioned fully before use.

This is the finished clay, removed from the mold, baked, a faithful likeness of the original despite the macabre touches I added, "red to represent red death" and a touch of gold and black on the cheeks and lips.

This is the canvas prepared by painting, stenciling,and general altering with paint and ink.

Assorted ephemera, all copies of originals from a mini bio. of Mr. Poe. Some of it is written in his own hand. Letters spelling "mask" are also seen.

This is the finished piece. The 3-D mold adds so much to the interest of the art. Mold putty is a wonderful addition to your art supply closet. Versatile, easy to use, inspires creativity, are all apt descriptions of ths fine product. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you join us regularly. Comments are appreciated. Have a great Thanksgiving and spooky Halloween. Joyce